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Project: Austin ISD Performing Arts Center - Austin TX

General Contractor: American Constructors

Scope of work: Over 225 piers drilled and cased ranging from 18" to 42" in diameter

Project: Domain Building C1 and C6 - Austin TX

General Contractor: Austin Commercial

Scope of work: Over 175 piers completed exceeding schedule demands by 1 month.

Project: Texas A&M Univerisity - San Antonio TX

General Contractor: Bartlett Cocke

Scope of work: 300+ piers 3 different buildings averaging 65'

Project: Skyhouse Apartment Homes - Austin TX

General Contractor: Batson Cook

Scope of work: (Turnkey) Drilled and poured 40 piers 54" to 96" processed to 50' cased and completed at 65'

Project: Baylor East Village - Waco TX

General Contractor: Beck

Scope of work: (Turnkey) Over 350 piers drilled and poured completed 1 month ahead of schedule

Project: Riata Vista (Apple Campus)- Austin TX

General Contractor: Cadence McShane

Scope of work: 300 piers 20+ feet of penetrations ranging from 18" to 48" piers

Project: Univerity of Texas - Rowling Hall - Austin Tx

General Contractor: DPR

Scope of work: 200 piers 24" - 72" averaging 20' to 50' penetrations into rock, drilled 150' below street level

Project: Baylor Paul L. Foster Business School - Waco TX

General Contractor: Flintco

Scope of work: (Turnkey) Drilled and Poured 200 piers, finishing job 3 weeks ahead of schedule.

Project: Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center - San Antonio TX

General Contractor: Hunt/Zachry

Scope of work: 400 plus piers 18" – 72" piers 144" bells ranging from 65' to 110'.

Project: South West ISD - San Antonio TX

General Contractor: Joeris

Scope of work: Over 900 piers comprised of 18" to 36" piers 40' deep.

Project: University of Texas Liberal Arts Building - Austin TX

General Contractor: SpawGlass

Scope of work: Information Coming Soon

Project: Hotel Van Zandt

General Contractor: Tribble & Stevens

Scope of work: 230 Piers completed from 24" to 60" shafts. The entire length of shafts consisted of rock penetration (30+ feet), drilled 80' below street level

Project: Austin Park

General Contractor: White Construction

Scope of work: 275 plus piers drilled 40+ feet and belled. Finished the project one month ahead of schedule

Project: SH130 Segments 5 & 6

General Contractor: Zachry

Scope of work: 78 bridges from Austin (Hwy 183) to Seguin (I-10). Drill shaft sizes ranged from 18" to 96".

Project: my-35 Project

General Contractor: James Construction

Scope of work: Sections 1B, 1C, 2B, 3A1, and 3A2 over 50,000 linear feet of Drill Shafts on I-35 from Salado to Bruceville-Eddy

Project: Kenney Fort

General Contractor: Chasco

Scope of work: Over 3500 linear feet of drill shafts ranging from 18" to 54" in diameter

Project: LBJ Tollway

General Contractor: Ferrovial

Scope of work: Noise Barrier Wall consisting of a 1 mile stretch over 800 drill shafts before encountering the low clearance drill shafts.

Project:Coryell County SH 9

General Contractor: Ledcor

Scope of work: 5 Bridges completed over a 3.5 Mile Loop. Over 4000 linear feet of drill shafts.

Project: FM 685

General Contractor: OHL

Scope of work: Over 1000 linear feet of 18" - 36" drill shafts

Project: SH195

General Contractor: Sema

Scope of work: Over 1900 linear feet of 18" – 36" drill shafts

Project: Bexar County Hausman Road

General Contractor: Sundt

Scope of work: Over 3000 linear feet of drill shafts from 24" to 48" in diameter all of drilling has been penetrations into rock.

Project: Wurzbach Parkway

General Contractor: Texas Sterling

Scope of work: Consisting of 5 bridges and 1 noise barrier wall.

Project: Interstate-10

General Contractor: Webber

Scope of work: Over 2700 linear feet of 24" to 36" drill shafts

Project: McLennan County Highway-35 Project

General Contractor: Williams Brothers

Scope of work: Section 5A – 14,500 linear feet of drill shafts. Sizes from 18" – 48" in diameter.

Project: Hyatt Ballroom - LaCantera - San Antonio TX

General Contractor: Harvey Cleary

Scope of work: Drilled with 9’ overhead clearance. Piers were 20’ deep penetrating into extremely hard rock.

Project: Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center Garage - San Antonio TX

General Contractor: Not Applicable

Scope of work: Drilled under 20’ overhead clearance. Piers were cased, drilled, and belled 65’ deep.

Project: Mopac Improvement Project

General Contractor: CTRMA

Scope of work: Noise barrier wall 1600 low clearance drill shafts

Project: LBJ Tollway

General Contractor: Ferrovial

Scope of work: Noise Barrier Wall 1200 low clearance drill shafts

Project: Pearl Hotel - San Antonio Tx

General Contractor: Harvey Cleary

Scope of work: 40+ piers 40+ feet drilled, cased, and belled under 30' overhead clearance.

Project: Union Pacific Railroad Tower 55 - Fort Worth TX

General Contractor: Jay Reese

Scope of work: 24" to 60" Low Clearance Drill Shafts

Project: Metro Center - Austion TX

General Contractor: Structure Tone

Scope of work: 200 Low Clearance Drill Shafts going 66' deep.


Industry leading work standards that result in maximum client profitability. Starting in the early 1980's, we have transitioned ourselves into the premier drilling contractor in Texas.


An established track record of over 30 plus years producing numerous successful projects in the various drilling fields: Civil, Commercial, and Industrial.


With our safety, cost efficiency, and timely practices, we have created quality work all throughout Texas. We work with the attitude that we are only as good as our last job.

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